Template:Coin A tetradrachm coin was struck during the reign of Bastareus, a presumed king of Paeonia, possibly between 400 and 380 BC. Such a coin is the only known object attributable to the largely unknown king. It would have had a value equal to 4 drachmae while it was circulated.

The tetradrachm of Bastareus, like most ancient coins belonging to the region, is composed of silver. An image of a crested helmet is featured on the obverse, sometimes surrounded by a beaded border. Displayed on the reverse is a bull (Bos taurus) with the Greek inscription "ΒΑΣΤΑΡΕ•Σ" (Latin script: "BASTAREUS") written above. Like the helmet on the obverse, the contents of the reverse are occasionally surrounded by a dotted border.

Only two genuine examples of the tetradrachm of Bastareus are currently known.


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