The 6 lira cuinyie is a paitern cuinyie issued in 1816 by the Kinrick o Lombardy-Venetia, a constituent state o the Austrian Impire, in the ring o Francis I, wha stylised himsel as the first Emperor o Austrick an Keeng of Lombardy-Venetia. The cuinyie wad hae haed a vailyie equal tae 1 escudo in Italy an 2 florins (o 1 conventionsthaler) in Austrick gif it haed been circulated.

The cuinyie is made o .900 siller, wechts aboot 26 grams, an meisurs 37.08 millimetres in diameter. It wis designt by Jerome Vassalo o Luigi Manfredini an wis produced at Milan. The cuinyie is circular in shape an beirs the incuse Laitin wirds "IVSTITIA REGN ° FVNDAMENTVM" (Scots: "Juistice, the Foond for kinricks") on its rand. Featured on the obverse is a caur-facin laureate limn o Francis I, partially encircled by the Italian text "FRANCESCO IMPERATORE D'AUSTRIA" (Scots: "Francis, Emperor o Austrick"), whilk stairts ewest the bottom caur o the limn an conteenas upwart until airchin dounwart at the tap o the cuinyie an endin at the ither side o the obverse. The "M" mint merk o Milan is shawn ablo Francis' limn. Depictit in the middle o the reverse is the coat o airms o Lombardy-Venetia – whilk conseests o the Biscione o the Visconti in its first an fowert quarters and a weengt lion o Venice in its seicont an third quarters, wi the crounit escutcheon o the Austrian coat o airms displayed in its centre. It is owertapt by the Airn Croun o Lombardy an the Imperial Croun of Austrick, respectively representin Lombardy-Venetia an Austrick. Inscribed endlang the coin's ooter rim is the text "RE DI LOMBARDIA E VENEZIA" (Scots: "Keeng o Lombardy-Venetia" o "Kinrick o Lombardy-Venetia"), an ablo the escutcheon, at the bottom o the cuinyie, is the year. The vailyie is shawn in the middle o the reverse, wi the "L" bein sindert frae the "6" by the escutcheon.

Anely aboot 6 ensaumples o the 6 lira cuinyie o Lombardy-Venetia are knawn tae exist, an o whit three are aucht by three European museums: the Ryal Numismatic Cabinet de Brira in Milan, National Museum o Roum in Roum, an the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Ane o the remainin three ensaumples wis selled by Rodolfo Ratto in Milan in 1935. A Extra Fine ensaumple, likely the Florange Ciana cuinyie, wis selled in 1988 by the Swiss Bank Corporation, wi a realeezed price o US$10,500.